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    With the continuous development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, pets gradually play an important role in family members. If you want to raise a puppy, you must be fully prepared before the puppy enters the house: the puppy, like the child, needs the owner’s careful care. This includes ideological and material preparation, such as preparing dog food, dog kennel, water trough, food trough and the place where the dog rests and defecates, as well as a set of methods for training the dog to obey orders. So how to choose a healthy puppy, and how to take care of her?

    When choosing puppies, it is better to choose healthy puppies over 2 months old, because puppies in this stage are easy to train and cultivate feelings. The coat of the healthy dog is glossy and tight, the skin is elastic, the eyes are bright and vivid, the eyes rotate flexibly and without secretion, the spirit is full and lively, the attention is focused, the movement is agile and light, the ears rotate flexibly, the ears are clean, the hearing is sharp, the nose is moist and smooth, the touch is cool, the breath is smooth and even, and the tail swings freely. When selecting, pay attention to observation and avoid selecting sick puppies. As for the breed, you should choose it according to your family’s economic situation and personal preferences. The breed is not important to you personally. What’s important is the happiness you bring when you stay with your pet.

    It is suggested that you should develop a good habit of eating dog food for your puppy. Because dog food is nutritious, it will not cause diseases due to the lack of some essential nutrients. It is forbidden to give dogs chocolate, onion, garlic, raw meat, poultry bones, fish bones, foods with too much fat, moldy food and foods with too high salt content. The puppies within six months of age should be fed three times a day, with less feeding and more meals. The puppies should be fed regularly and quantitatively. The adult puppies should be fed once a day and provided with sufficient water to form a good habit of eating.

    Pay attention to comb and cut the coat in normal leisure time: Especially for long haired dogs, they should be regularly trimmed to produce different styles. In order to facilitate defecation, the hair around the anus should be cut off. The dog’s toenails should be trimmed regularly, otherwise the toenails will get into the meat pad if they grow too long. The ears of dogs should also be cleaned regularly: It is better to clean the ears once or twice a week. Drip ear drops into ear canal, then dry with absorbent cotton stick to prevent inflammation in ear. When bathing for dogs, it’s best to use bath fluid for dogs, because the shampoo or bath fluid used by people is acid, which will damage the skin of dogs. Before washing, comb the dog’s hair, remove the dead knot, wet the dog’s whole body with warm water, then wipe the dog with bath solution, rinse the bath solution with warm water, wipe off most of the water with a pure cotton towel, and then blow dry and comb the hair with a hair dryer.

    The dog’s adjustment. The dog should first let him defecate in a fixed place after he is taken home: The first defecation is very important because he likes to defecate again in the place with the smell of feces. The owner should take the dog to the prepared place to defecate quickly. After each defecation, the owner should leave the taste of the dog’s defecation to lure the dog to defecate again next time. After several repetitions, the dog can form the habit of urinating in a fixed place. If the dog is in the wrong position, the owner should immediately teach the dog a lesson and clean up the taste of the dog’s stool, or use the dog’s stool inducer at the dog’s stool place.

    Don’t let the dog bark and bark: First, don’t overindulge the dog, let the dog understand that you are the owner of the dog, and the dog will be rewarded for obedience and punished for disobedience (the dog often achieves its goal through the first call, and calls for the second and third time). If you find that barking is not appropriate, stop barking. Through observation, the owner should find out the meaning expressed by the high, low, long and short barks of his dog, make a response and appease the dog. If dog bites, stop it immediately. If the dog’s bad habit of biting cannot be changed, the owner should treat the biting dog mercilessly.

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