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    Winter is coming, many parents will worry about the dog’s bath. They are worried that the dog will get cold and ill in the cold weather. So what’s the point of bathing your dog in winter? This article answers questions for you, so that you can also rest assured in winter for the dog bath! Is it necessary to bathe dogs in winter? Some parents think it’s too cold in winter, so they just don’t bathe the dog. Warm reminder, this approach can not Oh. Not to mention, dogs also need to go out frequently in winter. Their hair is easy to get tangled and dirt will accumulate. Imagine how dirty it would be if they didn’t take a bath in winter?

    First of all, it affects aesthetics, doesn’t it? Moreover, dogs do not bathe for a long time. After a certain period of time, oil is easy to become a hotbed of various bacteria, which is easy to cause disease. So, it’s not necessary to bathe dogs frequently in winter, but it must be. How often should dogs take a bath in winter?

    In winter, one month’s puppies do not need to take a bath. They have poor immunity and are easy to get sick. If they are really dirty, they can be wiped with a semi wet warm towel. After three months, they can take a bath after all the immunity and disinfestation. Normal dogs can take a bath once a month or a half in winter. Because dogs have no sweat glands, frequent bathing is not good for dogs, so even if it’s dirty, it’s OK to wipe it with dry cleaning powder or wet cloth. In the cold winter, it should be emphasized again not to get sick frequently for the dog, which is easy to get sick, and the dog’s skin is far more fragile than you think. Frequent bathing will damage his subcutaneous hair follicle, cause depilation, dandruff, redness, itching, etc., and then cause skin diseases. If the hair follicle is seriously damaged, it will cause permanent alopecia areata, which is very harmful.

    Sharing tips on bathing dogs in winter: Bathing dogs in winter, the depth of bathing water should not submerge the back of dogs, and the water temperature is the best around 35 degC, and the temperature of hand test can be mild. The water is too hot or too deep, which can easily cause the dog to be nervous. It is generally recommended to take a shower instead of a bath for the dog, because the bath time of the dog will be long and the water will cool, especially in winter. When bathing, keep your dog’s mouth slightly up. Don’t let water enter his nose. It will choke. When bathing, we should protect our eyes and ears from water. Bathing, according to the order of the head, neck, tail, abdomen and limbs, the method of bathing is to wet the dog’s body with water first, then apply the hair scouring agent, and rub the dog’s body thoroughly, so as to produce foam, then clean the foam and the dirt on the body with clean water, and finally dry the dog’s body with a dry towel. In winter, take a bath for the dog indoors, and make sure there is no wind. You can turn on the heater. After washing, be sure to use a hair dryer to dry the water stains on the dog patiently.

    Do not only dry the surface, otherwise it will easily cause cold or skin disease. Dogs do not like to blow the place is the head and limbs, especially the head, how to quickly blow dry the head? Keep the wind low and keep the heat constant. Try not to get too close to your head. Shake the hair dryer from time to time. Don’t blow in one place all the time. When blowing the most difficult ears, you can block the dog’s ears with one hand. You’ll find it’s not that hard to blow a dog. If you think it’s too hard to bathe your dog at home in winter, you can go to the pet hospital, where there is a professional beautician, and it will dry quickly after washing, which is less harmful to the dog. In the cold winter, we need to care more about our pet dog, take a bath for the pet dog correctly and patiently, avoid the occurrence of disease, and at the same time, let the pet dog clean and sanitary, and show the beautiful image.

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