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    You can prevent the loss of calcium in daily life by supplementing the dog with calcium. What are the ways to supplement the dog with calcium? What do you need to pay attention to when you supplement calcium for dogs?

    Calcium supplement:
    1. Homemade food. If the dog is fed homemade food by the owner, more attention should be paid to increase the proportion of calcium in homemade food. If you eat animal liver or meat for a long time, you should also increase the proportion of calcium in the food.

    2. Vitamin A. If dogs take high concentration of vitamin A for a long time, it will also cause dogs to inhibit the absorption of calcium, then the proportion of calcium in food should also be increased.

    3. There is no obvious difference between human and dog calcium supplements. Generally speaking, human calcium supplements are also suitable for dogs. In addition, calcium tablet, of course, refers to the special calcium tablet for pets.

    4. Pet calcium powder. If the pet dog does not want to eat it, it can be purchased instead and sprinkled on the dog food.

    5. Dairy products. Eat some dairy products, cartilage and other foods, and reduce the intake of foods with more vitamin a content such as liver, which is also conducive to calcium supplement.

    Pay attention to calcium supplement.
    1. Calcium absorption
    the most important absorption of calcium is not completely in accordance with people’s wishes: how much to supplement and how much to absorb; the more to supplement, the more to absorb, which is wrong. How much calcium is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract is the key point.

    2, vitamin d. Vitamin D can promote intestinal absorption of calcium. When vitamin D is deficient, no amount of calcium can be absorbed well. Vitamin D can also inhibit the excretion of calcium and promote the decalcification of old bone.

    3. Healthy calcium supplement. Food calcium supplement is the safest. Generally speaking, food calcium supplement is safer than medicine calcium supplement. Eating normal food will not cause excessive calcium. In addition to dairy products, it can also give bean products, shrimp skin, fish and other food to supplement, as well as the sun and outdoor sports are also conducive to the absorption and utilization of calcium.

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