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    Dogs for a long time a person at home dogs, or very energetic dogs, a suitable toy can help them to pass a lot of boring time. We often see many owners with dogs to choose their toys. It’s a good way for dogs to choose their own favorite toys.

    1. Choose a toy with the right size. The toy with the right size can consume the dog’s energy properly. As dogs grow up, toys from childhood should be eliminated.

    2. There are many kinds of toy materials with different characteristics. So before you buy it, you need to know about your pet’s biting habits. For example, if your dog is aggressive and biting, you need to choose some hard rubber and some anti biting and wear-resistant toys for them.

    3. Dog’s reaction action. When you just buy a toy for the dog, you should observe its reaction to the new toy. If you get bitten or damaged soon, you should throw away and replace it with a stronger toy.

    4. Like a variety of toys. dogs like to have a variety of toys, prepare four or five toys for them, and often replace them to play, which will make them feel fresh and exciting. If it has a very favorite toy, it is best not to replace it.

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