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    It’s a compulsory course for dogs to do dental care for their owners. Because dogs don’t brush their teeth every day like humans, their dental and oral diseases will appear in the old age. What the owner can do is to do a good job of dental care for the dog in daily life. What should he pay attention to?

    1. Pay attention not to be too single in diet: Pay attention not to be too single in food given to dogs at ordinary times. Make some changes and adjustments in diet every other period of time. Also, don’t let dogs eat too much too soft and too wet food, and control them to eat sweet food to avoid caries. You can let dogs chew bones and eat more vegetable sticks.

    2. Eat more bones: Because bones can clean the mouth by rubbing the mouth; while vegetable sticks can not only exercise the bite force of the dog’s teeth, but also clean the calculus and tartar.

    3. Dry food: In addition, dry food such as hard biscuits, as well as colloidal toys specially made for dogs, are also good choices to help dogs clean their mouths. Usually, it will be more helpful to add vitamin B drugs to the incidence rate of oral diseases.

    4. Antibiotic method: In case of oral ulcer, gingival swelling and other phenomena, warm saline can be used to clean and rub iodine glycerin or antibiotics. If the disease is serious, antibiotic therapy shall be applied. Vitamin B family drugs are often added to reduce the incidence rate.

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