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    In addition to the staple food, most of the owners will now provide snacks for dogs, but you know, the supply of snacks is also particular, if you give dogs snacks at will, it may cause damage to the dog’s body. So in the process of daily maintenance, what should owners pay attention to when they feed their dogs snacks?

    1. Don’t let them eat your snacks Human snacks are not suitable for dogs, because some seasonings in human snacks will cause great burden on dogs. Eating such foods for a long time will easily cause dogs to get sick, while foods like chocolate can not feed dogs, so as to prevent dogs from poisoning and death. If you want to give your dog snacks, you can buy some specially developed snacks for your dog. There are many kinds of dog snacks on the market, and the owner can choose them according to the dog’s preference. If the owner will make his own snacks for the dog, he must pay attention to whether the ingredients can be used for the dog, whether the seasoning can be added within the range suitable for the dog, etc.

    2. Don’t provide snacks without restrictions. Because dogs like to eat snacks, some owners may provide them without restrictions, but eating too much snacks for a long time also makes dogs more prone to obesity and disease. In order to avoid the above situation, the host must control the supply of snacks.

    3. Add: some owners may use snacks to train their dogs, but the total supply of snacks should not be increased. If they eat too much during training, they will feed less at other times. Do not replace staple food with snacks. The nutrition contained in the staple food can meet the dog’s physical needs, but there is no snack. Although dogs may also like snacks very much, but we can’t see that dogs like to eat snacks and let them replace the staple food with snacks, because this is very harmful to the dog’s health.

    4. There are also many kinds of snacks. If you carefully observe them, you will find that there are more and more kinds of snacks for dogs. The owners can buy them according to their needs. For example, clean teeth snacks can help dogs get rid of bad breath, chew gum snacks can let dogs grind their teeth and pass time, dried meat snacks can satisfy dogs to enjoy more good breath and so on.

    5. Other precautions. If you have some questions about how to feed your dog snacks, you can directly consult professionals. Their opinions will bring a lot of help to your dog feeding.

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