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    Autumn is also a good season for people to go out and play. What do dogs need to pay attention to in terms of feeding in autumn? Here’s a small series to tell you that the following four aspects should be paid attention to when feeding dogs in autumn.

    1. Remember to expel worms on time. Most puppies and cats have intestinal parasites, resulting in anorexia, emaciation, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and increased abdominal circumference. Some may cause intussusception or anorectal prolapse. The parasite infection of adult dogs and cats is usually invisible, so even if the parasite is not found in the feces, it should be treated on time.

    2. Feeding a small amount of food. In autumn is also a period of appetite for dogs and cats. If they are allowed to eat blindly, it is likely to cause diarrhea due to the maladjustment of the digestive system. The amount of food should be reduced gradually. It’s better to save more energy for them by eating less and eating more, and pay attention to providing sufficient and clean water at any time.

    3. Be alert to estrous accidents. In autumn, dogs and cats will enter estrous period, some of them will become impatient, fight for the opposite sex, lose appetite, always want to leave home, disobey orders, make disorderly urine and howl at home, etc. Therefore, during this period, we should strictly guard against accidents. Arrange more games for them in their spare time and consume extra energy.

    4. Pay attention to the safety of outings. Autumn is the golden season for outings. If you are traveling with your dog, you must consult the local dog laws and regulations in advance, and bring your dog’s registration certificate and immunity certificate with you. Dog travel is more suitable for self driving travel, the constraints on their own, the disturbance of others are less.

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