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    Many owners of dogs in Bomei like to dress their dogs in beautiful clothes. When they take them out, they will have a high return rate. But in fact, not all dogs are suitable for wearing clothes. Here’s a little knitting for you to sort out the precautions for 4 dogs to wear clothes.

    1. Pets can keep a constant temperature. With the change of season, temperature and sunshine length, the density and length of pet fur will be automatically adjusted to maintain the constant temperature, so as to ensure the stability of their immune system.

    2. The better way to keep out the cold is to strengthen exercise and take part in outdoor activities. Even if the pet is dressed, the clothes must fit, otherwise it will lead to the pet’s mental malaise, restlessness, weariness, and even serious illness. The pet’s clothes should also be changed frequently.

    3. Don’t wear it for a long time. Try to put it on when you go out, and remember to take it off when you come back. It doesn’t need a long time for your dog to wear beautiful clothes.

    4. Natural materials of clothes. Choose natural materials such as pure cotton and pure wool (you should be willing to make silk as well), which can avoid the dog’s skin allergy, itching and other situations to the greatest extent, and also reduce the damage of static electricity to the dog’s fur.

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