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    There are different vitamins and other nutrients in different fruits of Flanders, so some fruits have many benefits for dogs. However, it should be noted that not all fruits can be used to feed dogs, such as grapes, which may lead to renal failure. Then let’s talk about the precautions for feeding dog fruit.

    Do dogs need fruit to supplement VC? No need. Dogs are basically carnivores. One of the big differences between dogs and humans is that they can synthesize vitamin C from the meat they eat in their bodies. So if you give dogs fruit just to supplement VC, you don’t need to give it.

    What are the benefits of fruit for dogs? Regulate gastrointestinal function. When the dog is constipated or has a bad appetite, it can be properly adjusted with fruit. Because the cellulose and water in the fruit can enhance the gastrointestinal function, and the cool and sweet taste of the fruit can give the dog a good taste. Don’t give your dog fruit seeds or kernels, such as pomegranate, lychee, apricot, plum, etc. if you can’t get rid of the seeds and kernels, don’t give your dog fruit seeds or kernels. Because it’s impossible for a dog to chew these seeds or kernels, and it’s impossible for his stomach to digest them. There’s no difference between a litchi stone and a pebble in his stomach. In addition, some fruit seeds contain toxic substances, which will be dissolved in the gastric juice when the dog chews, which may kill the dog. Simply put: fruit seeds or nuclear dogs are absolutely not allowed to eat.

    Don’t give too much fruit to the dog: it’s easy to make the dog thin by giving the dog a lot of fruit at once, as is the case with any kind of fruit.

    When feeding dog fruits, we should pay attention to which fruits can be used for feeding and which can not. For some fruits with larger nuclei, it is better to remove the nuclei and then feed the dog, so as to avoid the situation that the nuclei get stuck in the dog’s throat.

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