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    The first tooth change in Schnauzer’s life should be during the age of 3-4 months. At this time, Schnauzer will slowly lose her deciduous teeth and grow new permanent teeth. When Schnauzer changes teeth, they will chew furniture, shoes, etc. because of their uncomfortable mouth. Moreover, in order to ensure the smooth replacement of Schnauzer’s teeth and the growth of strong new teeth, parents must pay attention to the calcium supply of dogs.

    When Schnauzer changes his teeth, his gums will become swollen and painful, which will make him anxious. In order to alleviate this discomfort, Schnauzer will bite. Therefore, before Schnauzer changes her teeth, parents should prepare some special toys for pets, such as chewing gum, biting bones, solid toys, etc., so that Schnauzer can play with them at any time. It should be noted that if parents find that Schnauzer is biting something that shouldn’t be bited, such as sofa, bedspread, shoes, wardrobe, etc. Parents should stop it in time, and then give it suitable substitutes, to meet the needs of small snow bite, but also to help promote its oral teeth grow gum. The owner should pay attention to the change of teeth and the growth of new teeth every day.

    When a lot of new teeth grow in Schnauzer’s mouth, some old teeth can’t fall off all the time. After a long time, it’s easy to cause the long position of new teeth and gum problems. Therefore, parents need to help Schnauzer pull out the old teeth that are crumbling, promote the growth of new teeth, and ensure the smooth completion of the whole process of tooth replacement.

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