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    In the very period of growth and development of puppies, they pay attention to the nutrients in the feed, and adequate nutrition can maintain their health. So what do puppies need to pay attention to for their food?

    Nutrition ratio of dog food
    1. Puppy feed: Meat 35%, cereal 33%, fruits and vegetables 30%, additives 2%

    2. Adult feed: Meat 28%, cereal 40%, additives 2%, fruits and vegetables 30%.

    3. Self made dog food: it is very difficult to achieve a reasonable nutrition ratio, pay attention to the use of salt, and it is recommended to use dog food for puppies.

    Selection of dog feed brand.
    1. Dog food selection: it is recommended to find a big brand. The famous brand is strictly controlled and the fresh-keeping technology is perfect, so it is not easy to produce chrysanthema toxin.

    2. Dog food nutrition: the basic dog food formula has protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral, microelement, etc.

    3. Dog food price: the best price is not necessarily the most expensive, but if the good dog food is too cheap, we should pay attention to the reasons for it.

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