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    Dogs we know that dogs will die if they eat too much chocolate. Can sweets be eaten by dogs? What should I pay attention to when I give my dog sweets?

    Sweets are high in calories and can’t be broken down by dogs. Moreover, when dogs eat sweets, they will feel full easily, which leads to the unappealing of dinner to dogs, which will lead to the dog’s partial diet and lack of nutrition. Dogs with diabetes or obesity are also not suitable for cakes and sweets. You can’t let your dogs eat things that are not good for your health because of your carelessness. This part is well known.

    Dogs can’t eat sweet food, but some dogs love such food very much. At this time, as the owner, we must carefully consider whether we should give it to the baby dog for its health. After all, the dog’s body lacks insulin, can’t absorb sweet food, and sugar can’t be reasonably separated.

    If the owner wants to make a cake for the dog’s birthday, there are cakes sold for pets on the market now, most of which are chemical additives such as sugar free, salt free and preservative free. Starting from the healthy eating of pets, not only the dog is happy to eat, but also the owners can choose at ease.

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