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    Many owners will find that their dogs smell bad when they open their mouths. Most of the reasons for bad breath are due to your failure to take good care of your dog’s teeth, gum disease or tartar. Prevention of tartar or gingivitis is important!

    We can prevent the above problems by brushing our teeth. Toothbrush is the right size for dogs. We must teach them the habit of brushing four months ago. Otherwise, if you brush your teeth when you grow up, many dogs refuse. If you brush your teeth at home when your gums have turned red or your teeth are dirty, you can’t get rid of halitosis. So you need to consult a veterinarian. Don’t start to wash your mouth for the first time. Use a rubber toothbrush like a game to make your dog comfortable. It’s customary for dogs to use a normal toothbrush when they are also responsive. Often there is tartar or gum disease when the dog’s constitution or other diseases.

    Food management also has an important impact on teeth. It is good to feed hard feed at ordinary times. It is absolutely wrong to judge whether the feed with small particles is a good feed. When dogs don’t like what feed people, tooth management also needs more time and sincerity. Generally 1-3 days interval to brush teeth, brush teeth every day is better.

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