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    The speed of touching should not be too fast and the strength should not be too large. In our opinion, touching is a reward for dogs and a way for us to get close to them. However, the wrong touch will unconsciously affect the dog’s cognition, and have a certain impact on the work for the dog in the future. Therefore, we should know which incorrect touch methods should be avoided as far as possible. Golden hair is a kind of gentle dog, so most people have no fear of this kind of dog. So as long as you touch golden hair, you can’t help touching these dogs. But when we touch down the dog’s head, we can observe the dog’s expression.
    Some of the dog’s expressions are eyes closed, face wrinkled into a ball, even the ears are pulling the shape of tension. It can be seen that such a touch is not what they like. Gentle touch is more suitable for dogs than strong touch. We can let dogs trust our touch and reduce the pressure of touch. Some owners like to hold the dog’s snout to stop them barking, but the side effect of this action is that when our hands are close to the dog’s mouth or nose, they will instinctively repel. This has a certain impact on helping dogs brush their teeth, feed medicine and clean up in the future. If the dog is already sensitive to our hands, we can use the back of our hands to touch the dog’s side face, chin, head and other places that are not particularly sensitive, then touch the body, tail, limbs and other places that are less touched, and then change to the normal touch mode after the dog gradually adapts.
    Let the dog get used to being stroked, so that the cleaning will not be too inconsistent. The speed of stroking is also very important, when our own emotions are tense, it is not recommended to touch the dog. Because at this time, we are obviously faster and heavier than normal in the speed and strength of touching dogs, and this kind of fast and urgent touch can easily make dogs more nervous and restless. Therefore, if you want to touch the dog at this time, you should control your strength and speed. In fact, after control, when we touch the dog, our mood will be relieved. It doesn’t have much impact on dogs, and it makes them feel comfortable.
    Prepare for cleaning in the future. We don’t touch many parts of dogs, such as their limbs, tails, buttocks and so on. But when we want to help the dog clean these parts, we will touch them, especially the dog’s limbs need to be regularly manicured. Therefore, the number of times to touch these parts should be increased properly. When we are free, we can have a certain dog’s feet, or even lift their front feet to do handshake training. If the dog is very cooperative, we should give a certain reward to let the dog feel that there is no problem touching their feet, and can get a certain appreciation. If you want to brush your teeth and take medicine, you can usually start to touch your mouth skin, open your mouth skin, touch your teeth, etc. it seems that the touch of life is closely connected with many of the necessary work and rest relationships in daily life.

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