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    Do you think it’s a little boring to walk your dog at the door of your home every day when you travel with your dog? Take your dog for a self driving trip. Choose a suitable weekend, the whole family will go out, think about whether there is a very loving picture? So what do you need to pay attention to when you travel with your pet?

    1. Training. If there is a plan, it is necessary to consciously carry out some basic training for dogs, such as sitting, stopping, following, etc. Of course, it’s more reassuring when a dog who can understand the owner’s words takes it out to play.
    2. Plan. Generally, there is a plan for travel, so first you need to find a hotel that allows pets to stay, and then whether the surrounding scenic spots and restaurants allow pets to enter. And don’t leave your dog in the car alone, especially in summer, when it is very easy to get heat stroke.
    3. Preparation. In addition to regular travel items, it is necessary to bring cages, pet mats, and deodorant sprayers and drum type sticky devices for cleaning rooms. There are other items: collar and traction rope, urine pad, pet bag, deodorant sprayer, food and food tray, excrement bag, wet towel, roller type sticker, snacks, wipe towel, pet pad, medicament (standing medicine, carsickness medicine, etc.), dog drinking water device, cage, brush, toy.
    4. Precautions. The backpack used by dogs is very convenient and practical, so it is necessary to travel. A lot of clean water must be prepared. Don’t feed too much dog food before you leave. Prepare large towels, bedding and cushions to keep the car clean. To use the chest back type traction belt, it is better to put on the mouth cover. Prevention of ectoparasites with medication in advance. To prevent carsickness, allergies, emergency treatment of trauma drugs, in advance to the veterinarian to understand the dosage. Dog card and dog card, but do not hang on the dog to avoid losing.

    It’s most important to be ready for everything when you go out, so you’d better take more things with you rather than leave them out, and then have fun with your baby.

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