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    Dog’s tongue language in addition to the heat dissipation and perception of ups and downs, dog’s tongue has an important function – to express ideas. Although the human and dog language is not clear, but after long-term maintenance, many owners will understand the meaning of some body language of dogs. But few people know that dogs’ tongues are actually expressing their thoughts all the time. Do you understand all these thoughts?

    1. Licking people. If you are familiar with a dog, no matter where the dog licks you, it means that the dog loves you. This is a way for the dog to express his good feelings. Some people think it’s disgusting to be licked by a dog. Their face is full of saliva. So they immediately push away the dog. In this way, the dog will think that you don’t like it and may not be close to you in the future!

    2. But if you’re a stranger to a dog, there’s another meaning to licking you – it’s nervous. It has some awe and fear for you, so it will lick you. When you see the dog licking his mouth or cheek, you should know that the dog may be hungry and you need to feed him.

    3. Licking your nose. Dogs recognize the world by smell, so when a dog licks his nose constantly, it means that he is judging whether the new comer or the new event is a threat to him. In fact, the dog is also very uneasy at this time. If you want to have close contact with him, you may need to spend a little more time.

    4. Lick the face of other dogs. Dogs are animals that care about their status. If you find your dog licking the face of other dogs, it means your dog is submissive to it. On the contrary, if another dog licks your dog’s face, it will prove that your dog is the ruler of this area and can enjoy others’ worship.

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