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    Training dogs to learn to eat regularly. Some family dogs like to give a bowl of food to dogs every morning. Dogs can eat when they want. This is very unsanitary, especially in summer, because the food is easy to go bad for too long, it will lead to diarrhea and illness. In principle, dogs should be given the habit of eating regularly.
    1. First of all, it is better to feed the dog at a fixed time no matter whether it is fed one meal or two meals every day. The food fed to the dog should be quantitative and should not be put in front of the dog for too long. It is better to let the dog eat in 10-15 minutes.
    2. After the dog has enough food to leave the food basin, even if the food has not been finished, it should take away the food basin. In this way, over time, dogs will develop the habit of asking for food as soon as time comes and eating in time. In this way, it is sanitary and convenient to feed and manage.
    3. You don’t think it seems simple, but it’s very good for the dog’s health. It can ensure the regular secretion of the dog’s gastric juice. The “three principles” of timing, fixed point and quantification are recommended by all kinds of dog training books.

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