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    Improper blasting of algae in a seawater tank will result in the production of red slime algae. Red Slime Algae is a stubborn and stubborn guy. Under sufficient light conditions, it generally becomes thicker and thicker, showing a dark red color, but When you dim the light at night, or turn off the light directly, the Red Slime Algae will shrink into thin slices, but it will also welcome the light the next day, so once it breaks out, it is difficult to control, then if the Red Slime Algae is produced in the tank , How should we deal with it?

    Although Red Slime Algae sometimes appear blue, dark brown, or green. But like an ugly carpet, they spread wildly on the bottom sand. If a coral happens to block the way, it will definitely suffer. Red Slime Algae feels very smooth to the touch, and feels like bubbles inside. They will form on live rock piles and sometimes attach to coral surfaces, especially parts where living tissue is missing. In this way, they are actually part of natural filtering, no big deal. Nevertheless, people are more willing to immediately remove them from the beautiful aquarium, regardless of the method.

    Red Slime Algae Treatment Method

    1. Increase the water flow rate, reduce feeding, and check the service life of the bulb.
    2. Reduce feeding, change water frequently, and avoid additives
    3. Siphon out the places where red mud algae can be seen
    4. Brush off with a steel brush
    5. Adjust the skimmer to be more sensitive
    6. Remove the red mud algae attached to the filter cotton in time or use the dip net to remove the red mud algae floating in the water

    Without enough light, the red mud algae will starve to death. But if the corals are raised in the tank, there will be worries. In fact, the easiest way is to turn off the lights for 3 days. If the aquarium is dominated by soft corals and fish, and you don’t have to worry about the light cycle, you can use the method of turning off the lights to remove red mud algae; if there are LPS, anemones, five claws and other creatures in the aquarium, this kind of The same method is safe.

    When feeding, turn on the light of the nearby room to illuminate the sight of the fish, and then turn it off a few minutes after feeding. After trying to turn off the lights for a few days, the water quality you see will become clearer than before, the algae on the walls of the aquarium will disappear, and the Red Slime Algae will not be seen on the bottom sand and live rocks. The skimmers need to be cleaned every day, especially on the third day, because the output of dead bacteria is the most on this day.

    How to Control red slime algae in Aquarium   

    1. Strictly control the generation of organic pollutants in the tank: For the feeding of fish in the tank, it is necessary to completely prevent food from settling at the bottom of the tank. When feeding large amounts of coral, you must have powerful filtering equipment, and clean the food residue at any time. The amount of dissolved organic matter (DOM) that can be dissolved by the passing organic matter (POM) is several times that of fish excretion. The pollution caused by the death of organisms such as fish, coral, microorganisms in the tank is also quite high. Organic nutrients in the form of high nutrients are the best food source of red slime algae! Additives such as amino acids and vitamins in simple form are also their food source! But it is difficult to survive without feeding all creatures in the tank! Therefore, increase the feeding amount in order, so that the bacteria in the tank can slowly balance with the feeding amount, and naturally there will be no excess food left for the red algae.

    2. Appropriate Lighting: Good lighting is one of the ways to prevent the red slime algae from flooding. According to scientific research, the red slime algae will grow very slowly under pure blue light even if there are nutrients. Choose high color temperature lamps and generally corals are generally can still grow well, but it can limit the growth of red slime algae, and the visual effect is also great. It can be said that if you control organic nutrients, the red slime algae is still active. Turn off the light temporarily for 3 to 5 days to block it. The life cycle is a very effective treatment. If the nutrients are not controlled, it will still recur after the light is turned off.

    3. Adequate water flow: Improve the water flow in the tank, avoid the dead angle of the water flow, and prevent sediment from appearing anywhere in the tank. The chance of red slime algae in the tank is very low, unless organic pollutants have accumulated to a considerable extent More degree.

    4. Supply of organic carbon source: The supply of pure organic carbon (DOC) accelerates the absorption and utilization of organic nitrogen (DON) by red slime algae. After addition, under the same conditions, the number of slime algae will explode, even if the light is not strong, it can still absorb DON in a short time. After the original organic carbon is added, it will be better to cooperate with the manual removal effect!

    5. Remove Red slime algae organisms: the reason why red slime algae can stand for 3.5 billion years, in addition to its super vitality, it will produce toxins and antibiotics, which makes quite a few creatures on earth can feed on this kind of creatures and they have no immune to their toxins will often die if swallowed. But what will eat red slime algae? According to some foreign reports, the organisms that will eat red mud algae include a very small number of red-footed hermit crabs, some algae-eating snails, etc. In fact, please It’s a bit of an animal cruelty for creatures to eat poisonous food. Some creatures must also eat other foods to detoxify, but there is not necessarily such detoxified food in the aquarium, so many people often buy these creatures and raise them soon.

    6. Absorption of the existing red mud algae: sucking the red mud algae out of the tank through the water pipe when changing the water is a very effective way to remove the red mud algae, but you must wait for the red mud algae to get the best effect. The organic pollutants absorbed by the medium are more likely to be effective. Otherwise, a large amount of water will be changed. If the water is not pure enough, the effect will be greatly reduced.

    7. Use antibiotic medicine: antibiotics can kill red mud algae, but the spores of red mud algae are not easy to be eliminated! If the environment is unchanged, it will usually relapse after use, and it will be more serious, because the killed organisms in the tank will become the food source of red algae again.

    8. Strengthen the filtration equipment: adjust the protein to very wet, use activated carbon, zeolite, etc. to help prevent the formation of mud algae. If the mud algae in the tank has already exploded quite seriously, except for a large amount of pure water , Add organic adsorbent, absorbent cotton, etc. can play a greater effect.

    9. Cultivate organisms that can absorb large amounts of organic dissolved substances: like soft corals, sponges, shellfish, etc.

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