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    The dog’s teeth are not clean, which can lead to pyorrhea and gingivitis. Once a calculus is formed (the brown tartar at the junction of teeth and roots) it takes a lot of effort to clean. But if left alone, dogs will start to lose their teeth when they are young, and tooth care should start from childhood. Following will introduce two ways to brush your dog’s teeth:

    1. Clean your dog’s teeth with a soft towel or a disinfectant gauze pad, and then apply garlic juice to your teeth and gums with cotton pads. It is found that there is residual food in the teeth, which can be pinched out with small tweezers.

    2. Clean teeth and gums with dog toothbrush and toothpaste (available in pet shop), but do not rub teeth back and forth. If you can’t buy a dog toothbrush in your area, the soft toothbrush for children can also be replaced. But never use human toothpaste to brush the dog’s teeth, which will cause the dog’s digestive system discomfort. According to the instructions on the label of pet toothpaste, brush the teeth with appropriate amount of toothpaste, and brush the appearance of each tooth once. In the first few times, the dog will run from place to place because it is not used to it. The owner should help it to adapt patiently. Remember to often feed fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and high fiber. It’s OK to add some special dog snacks and chewing gum, such as rough and crisp dog biscuits, in addition to dog food. When chewing, it can rub the surface of teeth, which is helpful for oral cleaning.

    Many owners of Pekingese dogs think that their dogs eat slowly, so they only give them soft meat. In fact, their teeth need to be honed frequently, which is harmful to the regular veterinary examination. When necessary, they go to a reliable hospital to wash their dogs’ teeth. Bad teeth not only bring strong halitosis, but also seriously affect its appetite and nutrition intake, and directly bring adverse effects on health.

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