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    In winter, the energy consumption of dogs is relatively fast. We should supplement some liver and vitamins to increase the body’s cold resistance. Dog owners should pay special attention to the lack of the following vitamins can cause dog diseases.

    Vitamin A deficiency: Eye diseases, skin diseases, heart and blood circulation disorders can supplement these foods: liver, milk tablets, eggs, meat, etc.

    Vitamin B deficiency: Neuritis, allergy, shivering can supplement these foods: barley, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

    Vitamin C deficiency: Scurvy can supplement these foods: liver, fruits, vegetables and so on.

    Vitamin H deficiency: Skin diseases (eczema) can supplement these foods: liver, meat is worth noting that dogs can not give excessive vitamin supplement.

    For dogs who have been accustomed to eating dog food, it is better to give them some vitamin nutrition for pets. For dogs with bad stomach or skin, they can take pet garlic pill for a long time.

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