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    Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping. If the owner needs to work, the dog will spend a lot of time at home alone. In such a long time, dogs can do a lot of things, but some things may harm the health and safety of dogs, so try to avoid these problems.

    The most common things:
    Sleeping is probably one of the things that dogs spend the longest time on. Dogs need a long time to sleep, so it’s normal for them to sleep for a long time.
    Picking the door is also a common behavior. When the pup is alone in the room, it will feel lonely and lonely. It will pick the door with its front paw, make a sound, and hope the owner to let it out. However, if there is no response, the dog will stop this behavior after a while, but when he hears the owner or someone approaching the door, he will continue to pick the door to attract other people’s attention. If the owner hears the door, he will let it out, and will gradually cultivate the dog’s bad habit of picking the door. To take corresponding countermeasures, the owner should open the door quickly, slap the door frame to give a stop command or severe criticism. The dog will also understand whether the owner is praising or criticizing the dog, which can also remind the dog that such behavior is not advisable. Or train through fences. Keep the dog in a smaller enclosure or cage than the room, and train him to be used to activities in the enclosure. When he can adapt to it and then release it in the room, he will not pick the door.
    Barking alone. This is also an attractive performance. A lot of dogs just bought back may have this problem, some of which will last for a long time. It is usually recommended to ignore this problem. When the owner is not at home, the dog may also have this situation, but no one responds that the dog will stop after a period of time.

    To prevent dogs from biting and damaging items when they are alone at home: This can be said to be the worst extreme behavior of dogs at home. There are roughly two situations:
    1. Because curiosity psychology treats many things as toys, which is also a normal situation. However, it should be noted that some items with potential safety hazards should be kept out of the reach of dogs. In order to avoid accidental ingestion, poisoning or foreign body stuck in the throat. At this time, it is difficult to deal with the problem when the owners are not at home, which will cause a great threat to the dog’s life.
    2. In addition, some dogs may chew on objects due to separation anxiety. Because the age is still young, we also rely on the master. Once the owner is not in the heart, he will feel uneasy, so he will ease his uneasiness by biting some objects. For this problem can only let the dog slowly adapt to the owner’s absence time. In addition, dogs will find some hard things to chew to relieve the discomfort of their teeth when they are in the molar period. We can provide them with a certain chewable toy or a molar stick to alleviate this problem before leaving. Another problem is that some dogs may chew the wires of some electrical appliances, which is a very dangerous problem. If there is no one at home, it is better to cage the dog. Usually the owner will train the dog when he is at home.

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