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    If you want to know what to do when the dog is vomiting and stretching, you should first understand the reason why the dog is vomiting and stretching. For example, gastroenteritis, cold, smallness, etc. can cause dogs to vomit and thin. In fact, a lot of times, dog vomiting and stretching is a protective reaction, which can expel some indigestible or harmful substances from the body. Parents need to know what causes dog vomiting and stretching, so that they can treat dogs more specifically.

    There may be something wrong with dog’s stomach. Acute or chronic gastroenteritis, dyspepsia, will cause dog to vomit and diarrhea. Sometimes the stomach purrs and purrs. At this time, you need to add some probiotics to dog. You can give dog a try. Don’t feed the dog again in this day, and don’t drink the water for the dog, so as to avoid being diluted and vomited again. If the dog is still like this the next day, observe whether the poop pulled out by the dog smells bad, which is different from the normal poop.

    There is no bad smell. Maybe the dog’s stomach can’t adapt to the food for a while. Review what to give to the dog. Some dogs are very allergic to milk. If they eat too much, they will loose their bowels. If they eat bones, they will vomit. If they have loose bowels, they will not give the chicken bones. Pay attention to the amount of other bones. If their stomach doesn’t digest well, they will not give the dog any Here we are. The solution: change a new food, dog food, do not give the dog to eat bones.

    If the symptoms are serious and the poop stinks, the dog is anorexic, feverish and depressed, it is likely that the dog is small. Parents should not blindly use drugs for dogs, and send dogs to a pet hospital in time. In a word, you should accompany your dog more and give him some strength when he vomits.

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