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    What about dogs catching cold? The dog has a runny nose, then sneezes and coughs, the conjunctiva is red and slightly swollen. The body temperature rises, the spirit is depressed, the cold is chilly, the appetite drops, and even the anus temperature can exceed 40 degC, while the skin on the ear, nose tip and even back is cool, while the inner thigh and belly are hot. Adult dogs with better physical fitness can often self heal after improving the temperature keeping conditions, but puppies and weak young dogs can die of secondary pneumonia, myocarditis or other serious complications of infection if they are not treated in time.

    What should be paid attention to when dogs catch cold is that some infectious diseases such as canine distemper and infectious bronchitis also have upper respiratory tract inflammation or temperature rise, which should be distinguished according to other characteristics of these diseases. As for the symptoms of influenza, they are very similar to the surface symptoms of common cold, but the former is caused by virus, and the relationship with weather changes is not as close as the latter, the symptoms are more acute, and the treatment effect is poor, fortunately, dogs have less influenza.

    The normal temperature of dogs should not exceed 39 degC. When the temperature of cold dogs exceeds 40 degC and shiver occurs, antipyretic and analgesic drugs can be used.

    We should strengthen nursing. Transfer the sick dog to a warm and windproof kennel, strengthen nutrition and feed it with thin food that is easy to digest. It should be pointed out that there are many kinds of cold medicines for human use, with different emphasis on their functions. Before using them for dogs, we must carefully read the analysis instructions and prescribe the medicine according to the specific situation.

    Pay attention to the dog’s living environment and prevent dog diseases in advance. Keep your dog’s space and supplies clean and disinfect regularly. Its residence should be warm in winter and well ventilated in summer. If you want to take your dog on a trip or take him to another place, you should be careful about his diet, work and rest on the way.

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