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    What are the causes of dog cough? Dog cough is a normal protective reflex. Its function is to remove foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, especially in the trachea and main bronchus. But if the dog turns to persistent severe cough, especially dry cough, it will cause more serious consequences. Many dog owners feel nervous when they hear that the dog is coughing, and feel that the dog is ill. In fact, there are many other reasons for dogs to cough besides waking up or excited. For example, dogs suddenly move from warm indoor to cold outdoor, stimulated by cold air, and stimulated by smoke or dust. But if your dog coughs for half a day, it’s probably sick. The main causes of dog cough include upper respiratory tract disease, lower respiratory tract disease and cardiovascular disease.

    1. Upper respiratory diseases. Dysplasia of nasopharynx: rhinitis, sinusitis, foreign body or tumor in nasopharynx, tonsillitis and tonsillar tumor, etc. Laryngeal abnormalities: inflammation, foreign bodies, trauma, tumor, etc. Tracheal abnormalities: inflammation (inhalation of irritant substances or smoke), viral or bacterial infection, foreign body, tumor or tracheal collapse.

    2. Lower respiratory tract disease. Trachea abnormality: inflammation, viral or bacterial infection, parasite infection, allergy, tumor or foreign body, etc. Lung abnormality: inflammation, viral or bacterial infection, fungal infection, aspiration pneumonia, pulmonary edema and tumor.

    3. Cardiovascular disease. Heartworm, pulmonary vascular obstruction or embolism, congestive heart disease and tumor.

    4. Other causes of esophageal abnormalities: inflammation, foreign bodies or swelling. Pleura abnormalities: inflammation, bacterial or fungal infection, hernia, tumor, etc.

    In general, for mild and infrequent cough, as long as the sputum or foreign matter is discharged, it can be naturally relieved without the use of antitussive drugs. If the cough is caused by canine distemper and other infectious diseases, the temperature of the dog should be monitored at any time to observe whether there are other symptoms, and if necessary, send to a doctor. When the dog coughs, the owner doesn’t have to be too nervous. First analyze the cause of the cough, and then treat the symptoms.

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