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    Take some health care products to help the dog recover and prevent some problems. If the dog’s physical condition is better, you don’t need to feed the dog with these health care products. Dog’s problems are common, so the commonly used dog health care products are usually those categories.
    1. There are several types of dogs that need calcium supplement: medium and large-sized dogs in growing period; lactating bitches; dogs with bone problems, etc. These dogs can be properly supplemented with calcium to improve the corresponding problems, while in order to prevent future calcium deficiency. If the dog is normal, do not blindly supplement calcium, too much calcium will affect the dog. In addition, vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium, and more exercise and sun exposure can also accelerate the absorption of calcium. If you need quick calcium supplement, you can use liquid calcium. If it’s just ordinary calcium supplement, you can use calcium tablet or calcium powder.
    2. There are also differences in the effects of the lack of different trace elements. Some stocks may also suffer from the problem of different foods due to the lack of trace elements. Supplement trace elements generally take trace element tablets.
    3. Gastrointestinal conditioning. Gastrointestinal problems are easy to occur in dogs of all ages, sometimes caused by our improper feeding methods. Because the dog has dyspepsia due to over feeding or improper feeding, it can usually be fed with probiotics to regulate the gastrointestinal tract. In case of diarrhea and laxity, you can feed mommy love and other drugs to see if they can improve.

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