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    Feeding before delivery will significantly reduce the gestational period of normal dogs generally in about two months, and near delivery, dogs will start to have some abnormal behaviors one after another. However, most of these abnormal behaviors are normal conditions, which are related symptoms before delivery, so it is generally not necessary to worry too much. For some normal behavior phenomenon, we can do some understanding. But if there are some abnormal behaviors, it’s better to take the mother dog to do the corresponding inspection to ensure the safety of the mother and puppies. If the female dog has reached the stage of labor but has no response, then it can be judged by what conditions it is about to give birth recently. In fact, if the female dog is about to give birth, it will have a very obvious omen. Including the emotional response and physiological changes, as long as the dog owners usually observe more, it will obviously feel different.

    There will be some abnormal behaviors in female dogs: There will be some abnormal behaviors in female dogs before childbirth. For example: loss of appetite, emotional uneasiness, asthma, fast breathing, looking for a hidden place of delivery, some female dogs have nest building behavior, and most of the small dogs raised in the room are around their families for help.
    The following are typical features of labor:
    1. Abnormal eating: the most obvious symptom is that the diet of the female dogs will change correspondingly, some of the diet of the female dogs will suddenly decrease, and some of the female dogs will simply not eat and drink water.
    2. Begin defecation: before the female dog is in labor, she will take the initiative to defecate, even soft stool and loose stool, which means that the dog is cleaning its rectum, so that the rectum can be drained clean, so that the uterus can have a larger space, so that the dog can be born, similar to the intestines before human production.
    3. Claw grabbing: the female dog grabs the floor because of uneasiness before giving birth, which is the nature of the dog. Digging a hole in the ground to prepare for production is also a way to make the dog feel at ease. Before delivery, the temperature of the female dog will also decrease.
    4. It will frequently go in and out of the delivery room: most dogs will frequently go in and out of the pre-determined delivery room from 12 hours before delivery, and the time of entering the delivery room is long, and the number of going out is gradually reduced.
    5. There will be low barking: 1 hour before delivery (2-3 hours before a few dogs), the female dog will often use her forelimb to pick up the pad grass, grasp the towel, rag, etc. in the delivery room, and may also use her mouth to bite, and a low moan or scream will occur.

    There will be some changes in the body temperature of the female dog: Once the female dog is ready to give birth, in addition to the abnormal behavior, their body temperature will also change accordingly: before giving birth, the normal body temperature of the general dog may drop about 1-2 degrees. According to the actual measurement results, the body temperature of most female dogs is 36.4-37.2 degC (the lowest body temperature) 9 hours before the delivery of the first fetus, which is 1 degC lower than the physiological body temperature. Therefore, the accurate time of delivery can be predicted according to the obvious temperature change at the end of pregnancy. So we don’t have to worry too much about when the female dogs will give birth. Many dogs have certain individual differences, so there may be some differences. As long as we use the abnormal behavior and temperature drop of the female dogs, we can better master the production signal, and make corresponding preparations, so that the female dogs can give birth smoothly.

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