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    For dogs, the taste of raw meat is very good. When dogs are not raised as pets, we usually feed them leftovers or bones. But now, as one of the most popular pets, the living conditions of dogs have changed dramatically. In order to ensure the nutrition of dogs, we will feed dogs with dog food and various supplements beneficial to them. However, due to the influence of some old concepts, many owners still like to feed raw meat to dogs. Of course, feeding raw meat has advantages and disadvantages, which cannot be totally denied.

    1. Compared with cooked food, raw meat is not easy to get stuck in the teeth, and there are relatively fewer dental diseases.
    2. It is healthier than some cans or snacks, and there will be no chemicals such as preservatives.
    3. Raw meat provides maximum energy, complete vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, yeast, protein and carbohydrates. After cooking, high temperature will destroy these vitamins, yeast and antioxidants, which will lead to the indigestion of protein and the loss of amino acids.
    4. It is more suitable for dogs than cooked raw meat.
    5. To a certain extent, it increases the wild nature of dogs. If dogs eat it to visit the home nursing home, the safety will be improved.
    6. Although it is relatively single, it rarely causes the dog to have allergies.

    1. First of all, if you only feed raw meat, you will not be able to fully meet the nutritional needs, so long-term feeding can easily cause malnutrition in dogs.
    2. Although raw meat is not easy to cause residue compared with cooked meat, once the raw meat is stuck in the dog’s teeth, it may be difficult to remove it by the dog alone. If the owner usually doesn’t pay much attention to the oral cleaning of the dog, it is easy to cause the raw meat to stay too long and lead to corruption, which causes the dog to have bad breath and other problems.
    3. In addition, there may be a lot of parasites in raw meat, so long-term feeding of raw meat will lead to the increase of parasites in dogs, causing discomfort.
    4. Generally, the preservation of raw meat is nothing more than putting it in the refrigerator. If the cold raw meat is fed to the dog, it is likely to cause intestinal discomfort, resulting in diarrhea and vomiting. Usually, we should try to reduce the number of times of feeding raw meat to dogs.
    5. Feeding raw meat may lead to dog’s urethritis, enteritis, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Toxoplasma and other diseases.
    6. Long term feeding of raw meat may cause high protein, which may affect the renal function of dogs. It is worth noting that when dogs exercise less, it is not necessary to feed a lot of protein things, and when feeding high protein, try to choose a better protein source, such as chicken breast, beef and mutton, goat milk, egg, etc.
    7. We don’t know where the raw meat comes from. If the animal has some diseases before it’s born, it will certainly have some influence on the dog. The dog may even get sick. So it’s good or bad to feed raw meat, but for the sake of the dog’s health, it’s not recommended to feed raw meat to the dog often. Usually feeding should be based on dog food, and then with some nutritional products to ensure the nutritional needs of dogs.

    Of course, we can treat raw meat as a kind of snack. It’s good to feed some raw meat to dogs occasionally. Therefore, we should pay attention to the method of feeding raw meat. In order to remove the threat of parasites, we can also cook the raw meat before feeding the dog. After feeding, we should pay attention to the cleaning of the dog’s mouth.

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