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    It is coming in the hot summer, and the number of times that the dog’s friends take a bath for the dog will increase. If they go to the pet shop every time, it’s a big expense. In fact, it’s also good for the dog to take a bath at home.

    1. The bathroom, towels and other articles in the pet shop are all public, which is not as clean as the pet only thing in the house.

    2. Take a bath at home. You can find the diseases of dogs at any time, such as skin diseases, fleas, ear mites and so on. People in the pet shop may not tell you these conditions.

    3. It’s comfortable to bathe in the pet shop. The dog’s hair blowing and grooming process is very hard to stand on the beauty salon. When bathing at home, the dog can lie on the sofa and enjoy the parents’ hair blowing and grooming.

    4. There are few high-quality baths for dogs in pet shops. At home, parents can buy professional cleaning products, which has a good effect on dog skin and hair maintenance.

    5. Saving relatively speaking, it is better to bathe the dog at home than in the pet shop.

    6. The feeling of bathing the dog by itself can enhance the feeling with the dog and increase its trust to the owner.

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