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    If you don’t know how to clean the anal gland, you can let others demonstrate it before you learn. In order to make the dog have a more beautiful appearance, beauty is an essential work. It’s just that it’s even more important to do some basic care before you do the grooming for your dog. After all, it’s more important to have a healthy body than a beautiful appearance. Do a good job of simple and basic care to ensure that the dog has a healthy body, and then it is not too late to do a beauty job for the dog. The most basic nursing work generally includes plucking ear hair, plucking ears, cutting nails, cleaning up foreign matters around the eyes, removing anal glands, etc., which are some of the work we should do regularly for dogs. Although these things seem insignificant, they play a very important role in the health of dogs.

    1. The reason why dogs sometimes scratch their ears is probably due to the overgrowth of ear hair, which leads to the growth of bacteria. Long ear hair and humid environment are the main causes of ear mite formation. So we should treat the dog’s ear hair once a while, but the frequency should not be too high, because to a certain extent, an appropriate amount of ear hair can provide a certain protection for the dog’s ear. After plucking the dog’s ears, it’s also necessary to pluck them. If we find that the cotton after pulling out the ears is full of yellow or red dirt, it means that the cleaning cycle is a little long, especially when we see red dirt, which means that the dog’s ears have some inflammation. It needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. It’s better to clean the dog for two days in a row until there is no red dirt. No matter large dogs or small dogs, they should do a good job in cutting the blood line.
    2. It’s also an important job to clean up the anal gland. But most of the owners of new dogs don’t know that they have the anal gland, so let alone clean it. In general, novice owners don’t know how to clean up the anal gland, so the best way is to go to the pet beauty shop and let the staff demonstrate it, then learn it, and then they will be able to It has been cleaned up. Too much anal gland dirt may cause dogs to rub their buttocks on the ground, and if they don’t clean up for a long time, they may cause inflammation of the anal glands.
    3. Nail clipper. For large dogs, the frequency of nail clipper may not be as much as that of small dogs, because the amount of exercise of large dogs is much higher than that of small dogs, and when exercising, the nail will contact with cement and get certain wear. But whether it’s a large dog or a small dog, it’s very important to cut the blood line.

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