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    Many owners will swing around on whether to sterilize the dogs. On the one hand, they think that the sterilization of dogs is not a complete dog. On the other hand, no matter how small the operation is, it is also an operation after all. The owner really does not want the dog’s body to be cut. Experts say that if you don’t want to let Bo Meichuan succeed, you may as well consider sterilizing the dog. Sterilizing is good for the dog.

    1. Avoid the occurrence of certain diseases. Diseases such as empyema, breast tumor, ovarian cyst, prostatic enlargement, testicular cancer and other diseases are all likely to occur on unsterilized dogs. Once these diseases occur, dogs will suffer more. The incidence rate of diseases like empyema is very high in the unsterilized female dogs. In order to avoid these diseases, the owner needs to sterilize the dog as soon as possible.

    2. To improve the quality of life of dogs. In fact, the dog’s oestrus is also a worry for them. They will be mentally depressed and lack of appetite. The dog will not think about food and tea all day long, and the owner will be sad to see it. But if the dogs are sterilized, they won’t be “trapped in love” any more. Eating, drinking and playing with their owners is what they have to do every day. The quality of life will go up at once!

    3. Reduce the dog’s obsession with the owner. The dog may urinate casually and be emotionally unstable when it is in estrus. The owner has to endure these estrous behaviors while comforting the dog, which is a headache. When the owner asks for help from the veterinarian, the veterinarian often tells the owner that sterilizing the dog is the best solution. In addition, many dogs will become more gentle after sterilization, and it will be easier for owners to train their dogs.

    4. Prolong the life span. The average life span of the dog with sterilization is 2-3 years longer than that without sterilization.

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