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    With the continuous improvement of our living standards, we are not only comfortable with food and clothing, but also can be extravagant. Many parents of dogs are not satisfied with improving their living standards. They are also pampering their pets at home. First of all, it is reflected in the dog’s diet, excessive feeding of dog snacks, lack of exercise, and the dog’s obesity over time It will follow. Many owners don’t know that keeping a dog in good shape and mental state is also a secret to make him live a long life! The causes of obesity in dogs are basically the same as that in humans – too much food and lack of exercise. This is an obvious reason, but how many of us pay attention to the diet and exercise habits of dogs?

    If dogs consume too many calories but don’t consume them through exercise, then the obesity disease will follow. Being overweight can bring great pressure on dogs’ heart, joints, liver and kidney. There are some things that can help us avoid this kind of thing. We must remember that the solution to obesity is to prevent it early – just because our dog is not too fat doesn’t mean we can neglect it. We need to know how to guard against small changes.

    1. Exercise is the most effective method for dog’s mental and physical health. People usually say that dogs exercise at least 30 minutes a day, but it depends on the breed. The more exercise a dog has, the less likely it is to be obese. Normal exercise can burn the calories the dog eats. The proverb once said: “a tired dog is a happy dog.” We can take them for a walk, a run, or even a swim, so that we can not only exercise, but also enjoy the pleasant time with the dog.

    2. Overeating is another cause of obesity. Think about it. Have we ever weighed dog food before feeding? If not, it means that we don’t know how much dog food we should feed. It is likely that we have already fed too much. If we always feed several dogs at the same time, and have not managed the feeding quantity of dogs, we can feed them separately until they don’t eat in other dogs’ bowls, then we can determine their feeding quantity. Of course, feeding too much snacks and always feeding leftovers to dogs is also the cause of dog obesity.

    3. Study what food to feed the dog. The American Society of animal protectors once advised people that the amount of calories a dog eats every day is in the hands of its owner. Choosing a suitable dog food will determine the amount of food it feeds. This kind of dog food must contain the nutrients needed every day, and the ingredients of dog food are also very important.

    4. If we often feed our dogs some snacks, I suggest we divide them into small pieces and feed them several times. We can also replace snacks with low calorie foods or vegetables. Maybe many people don’t believe that dogs like to eat vegetables, such as broccoli, string beans, carrots and peas. Keep an eye on whether dogs like to eat vegetables.

    5. Don’t be confused by the poor eyes of dogs. Many owners keep feeding their dogs because they always look at themselves with begging eyes, which is one of the reasons why they feed too much.

    6. Consider the age and breed of the dog. Every time a dog enters old age, all kinds of system functions of the body will decline. There are also Labradors, golden retrievers, and starlings that are prone to obesity. A. Heart disease: fat will not only accumulate in the subcutaneous, but also the blood fat content is too high, which will easily lead to the heart overload. If there’s a heart problem, it’s a big problem. B. Diabetes: diabetes is a long suffering for both people and dogs. Now we still have no way to deal with this disease 100%. C. Arthritis: it is also the result of excessive weight causing extra burden on the body. In serious cases, dogs may even be paralyzed. D. Disc herniation: a typical obesity complication. It is most common in dogs with long waist and short legs, such as Jingba and Dachshund. Too much pressure on the waist is likely to cause a disability in the dog’s lower body. E. Fracture: the burden, the burden, the fall of a fat body are ten times worse than others. F. Other diseases of respiratory system, urinary system and endocrine system.

    Obesity is sub-health. In the sub-health state, dogs are easily found by various diseases. Nowadays, the weight of many dogs is on the rise. Many owners think that giving dogs high calcium dog food and rich snacks is good for them. In fact, if there is no balanced diet and proper exercise, it will not only lead to dog obesity, but also cause a series of diseases due to obesity. Therefore, we hope that the owners can feed the dogs correctly, so that the dogs can have one A healthy and happy dog.

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