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    Do you know the cold symptoms of dogs? Generally speaking, if a bear dog catches a cold, he will be depressed and his eyes will be half closed. The dog likes to sneeze, cough, run nose and his temperature will rise. Loss of appetite. Compared with bear dogs, cold symptoms are not difficult to distinguish, but sometimes they can be confused. There are two kinds of common cold in beagles, one is usually in early spring, late autumn and when climate change is sudden. Most of the causes are due to sudden cold stimulation, such as wind in winter or wind attack when sleeping indoors, sleeping outdoors in cold season, being drenched by rain, not drying the hair after bathing the bixiong dog, etc.
    The main symptoms of the cold are: depressed spirit, loss of appetite or rejection, conjunctival flushing, and tears. Cough, purulent nasal mucus, rapid respiration, temperature rise, chills, if not treated in time, it may be complicated with tracheitis, bronchitis and other diseases. Simple cold, if treated in time, can be cured quickly. If the treatment is not timely, beagles can be secondary to bronchopneumonia. During the treatment, 1-2 ml Bupleurum injection can be given to the beagles for intramuscular injection twice a day. It is said that it is also good to give bixionggou oral Chinese patent medicine isatis root or cold granules.

    How to distinguish the true and false colds of dogs?
    The early symptoms of many infectious diseases of bixiong dogs are very similar to those of colds, such as the early symptoms of warm dogs, early symptoms of parvovirus diseases, etc. The symptoms of these diseases are mainly temperature rise, sneezing, shame and tears, running water like nose fluid, which are very similar to those of common cold. Some owners are easily confused and mistakenly think that bixiong has a cold, resulting in misdiagnosis and wrong treatment measures, leading to serious consequences of bixiong’s death. The false cold is common in the early stage of infectious diseases, but in fact, there are other special symptoms. When bixiong dogs are infected with dog warm virus, their body temperature is generally two-way hot, when the body temperature is high or low, most of the sick dogs have the symptom of eye droppings. In the early stage of parvovirus, vomiting, diarrhea and other major symptoms are mainly accompanied, and usually vomiting first followed by diarrhea. As long as the owner can observe carefully, he can distinguish and judge. No matter what, when the dog has cold symptoms, we must take measures in time. The inexperienced owner should send the dog to see a doctor in time to avoid serious consequences!

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