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    Dogs have diarrhea, which is often encountered by their owners. Especially dogs with sensitive stomachs are prone to diarrhea. If the owners want to eliminate this situation, they should find out the cause of dog diarrhea, and the right medicine can achieve good results.

    1. Change food: the small dog’s intestines and stomach are very delicate, because the digestive system is very delicate, and there is a lack of many digestive enzymes. It is easy to cause dyspepsia when the dog eats canned or pure meat under three months. If digestion is not good, it will become thinner. If no matter what, it will become thinner and thinner, causing dehydration, it will be very dangerous. So, parents of cats and dogs, please take care of the situation of the little ones. On the premise that they are sure that they are not infected with any disease (the family environment and food can ensure sanitation, and the dog is immune), they can stop feeding canned food, meat and other indigestible food, two pieces of milk enzyme at a time, two or three times a day, so that one day it will work.

    2. Catch cold: when the season changes, the temperature alternates, many dogs are easy to loose. Generally speaking, as long as its spirit and appetite are the same as usual, it can be considered that the weather changes suddenly, and the cold causes the thinning, so it is necessary to properly keep the dog warm and regulate its digestion. The symptom of enteritis is that in addition to laxity, the dog’s mental state is not good, and the temperature rises. In this case, the dog’s symptoms are very similar to dog infectious enteritis (canine distemper). After confirming that the dog has been immunized, the following methods can be used for treatment. Otherwise, please go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis as soon as possible.

    3. Parasites: It needs to take medicine to fight insects. It’s better to go to the hospital for a stool test first, and then take targeted drugs. In addition, because of the parasite caused thinning, blood may be seen in Bb. Conversely, if such BB is seen, it is better to test and determine. It is suggested that the insect should be dispelled once every three months to completely eliminate this phenomenon!

    4. Special notice. The most important thing is to observe the dog’s mental state and appetite when he is loose. If there is no difference between him and normal people, it’s OK to regulate his intestines and stomach. If there is fever and poor mental performance, there should be inflammation. The best way for the dog to have diarrhea is to fast first and then feed the dog Gudeng probiotics , practical experience has proved that this probiotic can effectively treat the dog diarrhea caused by general conditions. If the dog has not improved after eating probiotic, then the owners should pay attention to see if the dog is infected with any virus, and take the dog to a professional pet hospital for examination and treatment.

    Dog diarrhea can be said to be a big or small problem. As long as the owner pays attention to the diet and care of the dog in his daily life, and finds that the dog has diarrhea, he should be treated in time. I believe that the dog will stay away from diarrhea and grow up healthily.

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