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    Many pet owners like to keep the dog fat. It looks lovely. But too fat a dog can be a big burden on the body. If you don’t control it, it’s easy to induce diseases. What are the causes of dog obesity?

    One of the reasons for dog obesity is that dogs should be fed with a certain amount of food. Generally, 8 points is enough. Dogs are not afraid of hunger. A foreign study found that only 5% of dog obesity is due to illness, and the other 95% of dog obesity is due to improper feeding by pet owners. In the final analysis, dog obesity or too much daily feeding, long-term accumulation, will cause dog obesity.
    Exercise is not only caused by feeding, but also by insufficient exercise. The energy consumed by dogs every day needs to be consumed through exercise. If dogs do not move every day, only lie at home, can not consume energy, which will inevitably lead to dog obesity.
    In addition to feeding and exercise, there is also a major cause of dog obesity, namely snacks! Husky is like this. Every time she eats something, she looks at you. As a result, erha has become fat. Snacks should be used as inducements when training dogs. When dogs are obedient or do right, they should be rewarded to eat, instead of being eaten by their owners. Dogs will follow them.
    According to the statistics of sterilization, the number of dog obesity after sterilization is twice that of ordinary dogs, because the transformation level of body to protein is reduced after sterilization, so it is more likely to cause fat accumulation, and the dog after sterilization has no estrus period, will not rush for courtship and restlessness.
    As the saying goes: broad heart and fat body! Five reasons for dog obesity: breed some dogs are born fat, genetically determined, can’t change! For example: starling, bullfighting, Dachshund and so on are easy to obesity. In particular, Corgi, what to eat and how to gain weight is like a rocket, whooshing. These are common reasons for dog obesity. Pet owners should pay attention to a balanced diet, exercise, and do not overindulge dogs.

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