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    Dog’s appetite is poor. The dog’s excrement shoveling officials all know that the dog’s appetite is very strong, especially for puppies. They can only describe their food by gobbling it up. They can swallow it without chewing. But suddenly the dog lost his appetite or stopped eating. What’s the reason? Following will talk about the reason why dogs lose their appetite?

    The first reason for dog’s anorexia: the anorexia of parasite dog may be caused by parasite. For example, yesterday’s diet was normal, today’s anorexia suddenly occurred, and the coat was rough and disordered, and the body shape also showed signs of emaciation, so it is very likely to be parasite. Pet owners need to guide their dogs to get rid of pests and adjust their diet.

    The second reason for dog’s anorexia: if the dog is sick, he is always lying on the ground, unwilling to move, and his mental state is not as good as usual, accompanied by vomiting, laxity and other symptoms, it can be concluded that he is ill. Illness can also make dogs lose appetite. Pet owners should take dogs to hospital for treatment.

    The third reason for dog’s anorexia: picky food is also the cause of dog’s anorexia. Picky food is a bad habit that is favored by the excrement shoveling officer, which leads to the formation of picky eating habits. Once the food is a little bit off appetite, they will not eat, even if they are hungry. If this is the case, then the pooper really needs to take some tough measures to correct the dog’s bad habits.

    Four reasons for dog’s loss of appetite: right mood, mood! People don’t like to eat when they are in a bad mood, so do dogs. A bad mood can also lead to a dog’s loss of appetite. At this time, the pet owner doesn’t have to grudgingly feed him. When he is in a better mood, he will eat.

    Five reasons for dog’s loss of appetite: what is the feeling if we eat one food every day? we will be tired. Long term eating one kind of dog food, the dog will be tired too, eventually lead to the dog appetite. For the dog’s diet, the pet owner should change to another one at intervals to ensure the diversity of diet and the balance of nutrition.

    The other reason is that the dog suffers from small size, which can also cause the dog’s loss of appetite. At the same time, it is accompanied by abnormal conditions such as fever. If so, you must send the dog to see a doctor immediately.

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