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    Timid dogs should be properly trained to be courageous. Although some dogs are not very good tempered, in most cases, dogs don’t get angry. There are reasons why dogs suddenly bark or want to bite. So when we see a sign that the dog is mad, don’t rush to escape. The more you escape, the more likely you are to be attacked by the dog. It may be better for us to find out the reason. First of all, will dogs be the same for all people and dogs, or only for specific people and dogs? How long will aggressive behavior last? In this way, even if you can not find out the reasons for the aggressive behavior of the dog through these, you can help the veterinarian to make a better judgment when communicating with the veterinarian.

    The common reasons for aggressive behaviors are as follows:
    1. Nervous and scared dogs are more likely to attack people, such as fireworks, lightning, sudden big dogs, etc., which will frighten the timid dogs and then generate aggressive behaviors. This situation is easier to deal with. The owner keeps calm and comforts the dog to relax as much as possible.
    2. There will also be a level distinction between dogs competing for status. No matter inside or outside. If there is more than one dog or other pets in the family, in order to establish its leadership, the dog may also have aggressive behavior. Sometimes, the dog will think that people are part of their group, and also grin and bark at people. This requires the owner to be strong. If it’s outside, the dog will demonstrate to other dogs. Be careful not to let them fight with each other.
    3. The effect of anger transfer. Kicking the cat means that people will sprinkle fire on unrelated things, and dogs also have such behavior. It was another dog or something that made the dog angry. If he couldn’t directly rush up to vent his anger, he would just find someone to vent his anger. This is the main reason why many owners are confused.
    4. The dog may be in the breeding period, because of the secretion of hormones, resulting in sudden aggressive behavior. When the dog mother looks after the dog, she will also become irritable and nervous, and it is normal for her to attack people.
    5. There are many breeds of dogs. They were originally bred to bite prey or fight, not to accompany their owners and play tricks. So relatively speaking, these dogs are tough and brave and have the instinct to fight and bite. For example, terriers, American biters, Rottweilers and so on, statistics show that these dogs bite people more often. But while they are aggressive by nature, it’s not that these breeds are dangerous. If the owners are properly trained, they will be very obedient.
    6. Physical reasons. Many diseases will cause pain or other uncomfortable conditions for dogs. Dogs can’t have a good rest when they are in such a state for a long time, and their mood is certainly not good. At this time, dogs are also more prone to grumpiness, so if we see that dogs are grumpy but have no spirit, we should pay attention to their physical appearance.

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