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    Seawater Ornamental fish has gradually spread to the homes of many fish-loving fish keepers. Every fish keeper hopes that the seawater Ornamental fish in the home can grow up healthily. However, sometimes seawater aquarium fish get sick for various reasons. To treat these diseases, we must first Understand the causes of marine ornamental fish infections.

    Environmental Factors: The pH value of 8.2 is the most ideal for seawater aquariums. However, fish constantly exhale carbon dioxide when swimming, and the oxidation of bacteria makes it difficult to cultivate in aquariums that can absorb carbon dioxide and undergo assimilation. Seaweed, so the seawater tends to gradually acidify. We have to test the PH value frequently. The best way to know the PH value quickly is not to raise too many fish, and constantly send oxygen into the water, and discharge carbon dioxide to produce Moss replaces the seaweed in the aquarium. In addition, if the ammonia or nitrous acid increases too much, the fish’s breathing will be accelerated and irregular, the color of the body will gradually change, and the appetite will decrease, as if sick. The reason must be found and improved, otherwise the fish will easily die from disease. The quality of water is an important factor for the healthy survival of seawater ornamental fish. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly perform seawater replacement and detoxification. In addition, sea temperature, density, atmosphere, etc. can cause fish diseases. It is also necessary to consider whether the nitrification function of the seawater filtration system has been established, which will lead to poor water quality and cause fish disease.

    Fish Stocking Density

    1. Hypoxia: if the stocking density is too high, the respiration of the fish consumes a lot of oxygen in the water, coupled with the accumulation of a large amount of organic matter in the water, the dissolved oxygen content in the water drops, and the fish float on the water to breathe, and the fish will die for a long time;

    2. Deterioration of water quality: high fish stocking density will inevitably increase residual bait and excrement and increase filter load. When it is overloaded to be incapable of filtering, the water quality will deteriorate sharply, fish diseases will increase, and the time will be longer, which will cause the fish to die.

    3. Temperature changes: The temperature changes too much, sudden cold and hot, are also the reasons for fish disease.


    1. Introduce New Fish: Seawater ornamental fish will become weak due to poor packaging conditions, and the temperature difference during transportation, coupled with external stimulating factors, makes them easy to contract diseases after entering a new environment .

    2. Trauma: Some fish should not be raised together, otherwise they will be injured by fighting and contract diseases. Causes of disease—-Like other animals, malnourished fish need a variety of nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat, appropriate vitamins, etc.). Coral reef fish in breeding often suffer from various diseases due to nutritional problems:

    Fatty Degeneration: mostly occurs in older fish, the fish body is over-fat, and a large amount of fat accumulates in the body, which hinders the normal function of internal organs;

    Nutritional Leukemia: It occurs more frequently in young needles, because too much high-concentration cod liver oil is put in the feed, which causes the muscles of fish to degenerate and deform and die.

    Vitamin A deficiency: There is an enzyme that destroys vitamin A in fish. If a large amount of fish is used as feed, it can cause anemia and cause death. There is still no adequate treatment for nutritional disorders caused by malnutrition. The only way is to provide a variety of different foods to avoid malnutrition.

    Compared with freshwater Ornamental fish, Seawater Ornamental Fish are more difficult to keep, because seawater fish have higher requirements for water quality and water temperature, and it is likely that seawater fish diseases or death due to water quality.

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