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    Usually, shivering is caused by physical discomfort (if it’s not cold), sometimes the owner may find that his dog will shiver. There are many factors that cause this problem. To determine whether there is a major problem, we need to combine other related symptoms. If we can’t determine it, it’s better to send it for examination.
    What are the causes of shivering:
    1. It’s cold. Some owners like to shave their dogs when it’s cold. Maybe they are afraid of being tied after wearing clothes. But for many puppies, it’s not enough to wear only one coat in the cold winter to help them resist the cold. At this time, it helps them remove the coat. Then because it’s too cold, the dog will tremble. So pay attention to heat preservation in winter, try to consider shaving after the weather is warm.
    2. Fear. Usually occurs in dogs and cats who have just been taken home, or in dogs or cats who have been frightened by some abnormal sounds or other things.
    3. Discomfort is actually a common reason. In fact, dogs have a strong tolerance. If they are uncomfortable, they usually bear it. Some diseases will make dogs feel pain or other uncomfortable feelings. At this time, pets may have shivering. And at this time, pets usually have little spirit and don’t like to move. If there are these symptoms or other adverse conditions, it is recommended to send them to the hospital for examination. After all, we don’t know what the problem is.
    4. Poisoning. If it is really poisoning, it should not only be shivering, most dogs should also have vomiting and other related problems. For this kind of dog, it is better to induce vomiting and then send it to the hospital for further treatment.
    5. Canine distemper. In the same way, if it’s really canine distemper, the owner can’t just notice the shivering. In the later stage of canine distemper, it is true that there will be shivering or even convulsion, but few owners will wait until the disease develops to this stage before sending the dog for examination.
    6. Epilepsy. Dogs also have epilepsy, but it is usually intermittent. If the dog has been shaking, it should not be caused by this reason.

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