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    People who have dogs at home should know that they have bad breath in their mouths, some of which are very mild and can bear it. But when some dogs come to lick you, it’s just like the smell of biochemical crisis. People really want to hold their breath. What’s the reason for the bad breath? What are the causes of Teddy’s bad breath? How to solve it?

    The reason for Teddy’s bad breath may be that the owner didn’t pay attention to the cleaning of the dog’s mouth. At present, many owners will give Teddy dogs some cool food when they are feeding them, which causes the food to attach to the dog’s teeth, but they don’t clean the mouth regularly, which causes the food to rot and produce tartar, which may cause bacterial infection for a long time When bacteria enter the pulp, they will touch the nerves and produce pain. At this time, the mouth of Teddy dog will also give out an unpleasant smell.

    After that, the accumulation of tartar in the mouth of Teddy dog will gradually become calculus, which is the main cause of dog halitosis. In serious cases, it will lead to pulp recession, bacteria invasion, gingival redness, gingivitis bleeding, sometimes the deciduous teeth do not fall off when it is time to fall off, or permanent teeth damage may occur, leading to Teddy dog halitosis.

    So first of all, we need to solve the problems of Teddy’s bad breath. In daily life, the owner must do a good job in the tooth health care of Teddy, brush his teeth three to four times a week, and check his teeth regularly. Generally, check his teeth once every six months to a year or so, and remove the dirt and calculus on his teeth, so as to ensure his oral health Life.

    In fact, the key point is to solve the oral hygiene of Teddy dogs, which is easily ignored by many pet owners. These problems have been solved. Every day, the dog’s mouth is fragrant.

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