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    Teddy’s body stinks. Because of its small and lovely appearance and smart and approachable personality, Teddy has been deeply loved by the public in recent years. But there will be an inevitable problem with dogs, that is, taste! The dog with stinky smell is definitely not liked by people, so what’s the reason of Teddy’s stinky body?

    1. Halitosis and halitosis is the most common reason for Teddy’s body odor. If you eat some canned dogs or soft food for a long time, the food residue can easily be stuffed into the teeth. If you don’t clean it in time, it will easily rot and stink. Therefore, you should brush your teeth and wash your teeth regularly for little teddy, or you can choose some molar snacks to clean your dog’s mouth.
    2. If Teddy doesn’t clean his ears for a long time, it will also cause Teddy’s body odor. Although earwax can help the ear to fight against external disease, it should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will have a bad smell. Before cleaning, soften the earwax with liquid medicine, and then clean the dog.
    3. Body odor. If you haven’t bathed Teddy for a long time, it’s natural. It’s better to bathe Teddy every two weeks or three weeks. After you dry, you can spray some deodorant spray on Teddy, so that you can cover Teddy’s body odor.
    4. If the anal gland only bathes Teddy and does not clean the anal gland, then this is one of the reasons for Teddy’s body odor. The anal gland sac is filled with anal gland fluid, which will become black or dark brown liquid or muddy for a long time, and the odor is unpleasant. Therefore, we should regularly squeeze the anal gland to help the dog discharge the secretion of the anal gland.

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