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    All the functions of the elderly dog will decline with the increase of age, but the appearance of the dog will not change greatly in middle age and old age, so it is difficult for many owners to judge whether the dog has entered the old age. As there are some differences in the feeding of dogs at different ages, how to judge whether a dog has entered the old age is also a matter that needs the owner’s attention. Correct the feeding methods in time to ensure the dog’s health.
    1. Vision: first, the vision of the old dog will begin to decline. The eyes of the old dog look a little turbid, which may be a sign of cataract. Vision loss is not the main obstacle in dogs, because dogs are more dependent on smell.
    2. Hearing: with the passage of time, the dog’s hearing will decrease. For example, when the owner calls from a distance, the dog is slow to respond, as if it didn’t hear it, and doesn’t run over as quickly as it used to. Deafness is especially serious when the dog is over 10 years old. About 1 / 10 of the dogs will have deafness, but after 14 years old, the incidence will increase to 1 / 6.
    3. Mental disorders: at present, mental disorders of elderly dogs have become a new challenge for veterinarians and dog owners. As dogs live longer, the mental illness becomes more common. One of the common mental disorders in dogs is “senile separation melancholia”. Usually dogs wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, start barking and panting, and show obvious signs of sadness.
    4. Tumor: after a dog has a tumor, it will be life-threatening because of excessive bleeding or infection if it is routinely surgically removed. Now, using cryosurgery, i.e. using a special needle to smear the frozen liquid nitrogen on the tumor, to separate it from the surrounding healthy tissue, without the need for an anatomic knife. Renal failure is one of the common problems in old dogs, which needs to be treated carefully.
    5. Renal failure: this problem is one of the main causes of death in old dogs. The kidney of dogs has an amazing overload capacity. Even if the kidney has pathological changes, it can maintain normal physiological function until the pathological part of the kidney accounts for more than 2 / 3 of the whole kidney. The most obvious sign of renal failure is the increase of water intake and urine volume. Usually, we should pay close attention to the amount of drinking water for the aged dogs, so as to find the problem of renal failure in the early stage. However, the amount of drinking water for dogs is affected by the ambient temperature and the type of food they eat. For example, eating dry dog food in hot weather may cause a sharp increase in the amount of drinking water. In addition, when dogs go out for a walk, they often drink water in muddy pools and puddles. Therefore, it is not right to judge whether dogs have renal failure only by the amount of water they drink, which should be determined by comprehensive judgment in many aspects. Due to the increase of urination due to kidney disease, some nutrients needed by the body, such as B vitamins, may be lost with the excretion of urine, leading to deficiency. In addition, the absorption of calcium in the body is also affected. Another obvious sign of kidney failure in older dogs is halitosis, which can also be caused by dental disease.
    6. Dental disease: dental disease can affect dogs of all ages, but it is more common in elderly individuals. If tartar builds up on the teeth, the gums can become inflamed and the attachment of the teeth begins to be weak. Because gums are corroded, bacteria are easy to invade the root of teeth, causing tooth abscess, causing severe toothache and affecting eating. The probability of problems will increase a lot when the dog is old, so the owner needs to pay more attention to the diet, care and health, so as to ensure a longer life for the dog.

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