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    Although there are many kinds of Golden Retrievers and the people who raise them are all over the world, as a whole, golden retrievers can be divided into two categories: British golden retrievers and American golden retrievers. The British golden retriever belongs to the primitive body of the golden retriever, and the American golden retriever is improved and cultivated on the basis of the British golden retriever. That is to say, the British golden retriever should be the father of the American Golden Retriever.
    In some pet forums, we can see that some people say Australian or Japanese. In fact, Japan belongs to the United States, while Australia belongs to the British golden retriever. The United States, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries and regions are all popular with American golden retriever, while the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are popular with British golden retriever. American Golden Retriever: Maple Leaf boy, golden warrior, maple leaf emperor Hong Kong was once a British colony, so it used to be mostly British golden retriever, but now American Golden Retriever has become a complete mainstream, The popularity of the American golden retriever is popular in Hongkong, including the Chinese mainland. One character is a must mentioned. He is Mr. Chen Da Da of Hongkong. He introduced the maple leaf boy, the golden warrior and the maple leaf king in 90s. It created the golden age of the United States in Hongkong and Chinese mainland.
    British / American Golden Retriever’s character: no matter which breed of golden retriever, their character is the same: Although the purpose of breeder is different, they all retain the original character of golden retriever, such as docile, intelligent, no aggression to human and high obedience. British Retriever dogs’ facial expression features: British golden retriever. It gives people a simple and honest feeling. The eyes are full of longing. Sometimes, even if you don’t want to ignore it, as long as you see its simple, helpless and eager look, you have to hug it. British golden retriever makes people feel more like a child and needs the care of the master all the time. American golden retriever: it feels more like a big child and always reveals this kind of self-confidence in the eyes. Adult American golden retriever also reveals the feeling of being proud of the others and more like a mature adult. But when they feel lonely, they are also like a child, Eager to get the attention of the host, only need a hug from the host, they will show a very complacent feeling. Body shape characteristics: the difference between the two is not very obvious. Although both have different standards, they are almost the same.

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