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    Labrador is very popular as both a pet dog and a working dog. Do you know what kind of pure Labrador is?

    1. The shoulder height of a pure standard Labrador should be about 22.5-24.5 inches in the adult male and about 21.5-23.5 inches in the female. And if the error is more than 0.5 inch, it is disqualification. In addition, under working conditions, the weight of male Labradors is about 65-80 pounds, and that of female Labradors is about 55-70 pounds.

    2. The body structure of pure Labrador is very special. The pure Lala has a broad head, clear head lines, no much flesh on the cheek, clear outline under the eyes, and no prominent cheek. The nostrils are wide and well developed. The teeth are strong and tidy, with scissor bite. The neck is the right length, well muscled and free of excess flesh. The back is strong, the root of the tail is very thick, and gradually becomes thin towards the tip. These are the structural characteristics of a pure Labrador.

    3. To know whether a Labrador is a purebred dog, we should pay attention to its fur. The normal hair color of Labrador dogs is allowed to be black, yellow and chocolate. If it’s black, it’s all black. Of course, a little white hair on the chest is allowed. If it is a yellow Labrador, its color range from reddish brown to light cream color is also allowed. Chocolate colored Lala can be mixed with light chocolate color to dark chocolate color, and small white hairs on the chest are also allowed. If the Labrador’s hair shows other conditions, it’s a sign of disqualification.

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