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    Schnauzer is a very cute and intelligent dog. It’s very important to understand the basic characteristics of pure Schnauzer. Because many dog owners are sometimes cheated to buy other dogs because they don’t know the characteristics of schnauzer, we must understand some of the Schnauzer’s body shape and characteristics. Pure Schnauzer is characterized by a strong body, hard hair, a large number of whiskers, limbs with rich hair. There are many kinds of hair colors. Although the number of black or silver black Schnauzers is increasing, black and white coated Schnauzers are the most common.
    1. All features of pure Schnauzer: Head: the head of pure Schnauzer is broad, narrow towards the nose, and has obvious moustache. Fur: the common fur color of Schnauzer is black and white: the black and white color here refers to the black and white stripes of each coat, rather than the mixture of black and white coat. Depilation can keep the original coat, while shearing can lose the original color. The mini Schnauzer has soft undercoat in black, dark grey to light grey, or beige. If you cut, the undercoat must stay. Eyebrow: the eyebrow is medium, extending from the skull to the mouth and nose, making the eyebrow beautiful, and the eyebrow is white. Ear: pure Schnauzer’s ear is V-shaped, with high ear root position and forward fold. After ear cutting, it can not only increase the beauty and highlight the spirit, but also strengthen the hearing ability and reduce the work injury. Generally, the best time to cut ears is three to five months. Eyes: medium size, dark oval. Nose: pure Schnauzer’s nose should be black with wide nostrils. Body type: chest with thick and medium width, straight back and lean back.
    2. The characteristics of pure Schnauzer: Schnauzer is mainly as a charming companion animal. He doesn’t like to wander, is loyal to his home and master, and can make alert calls like a large dog when encountering abnormal situations. Healthy, docile and attractive in appearance, Schnauzer is very suitable as a family pet.

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