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    Many parents keep dogs that are good to eat and drink, especially for small dogs like poodle dogs, which don’t eat much, so they will choose good ones to feed to the dogs at home, but they can’t avoid vomiting. How can we tell if there is any problem with the vomiting of dogs? What are the common causes of vomiting in poodles?

    In fact, poodle vomiting is divided into many kinds, so it must be analyzed in detail. For example, poodle spits out some food, but after spitting out, poodle will eat these things back. In fact, this kind of situation is a physiological vomiting of poodle, that is to say, its instinctive reaction, so owners don’t have to worry too much. In this case, poodle There is no problem with poodles.

    Secondly, the poodle vomits. If there is some blood in the spit, or even scarlet, there is a lot of blood in the spit, then the situation is that there is serious bleeding in the stomach and intestines of the poodle, which may be acute bleeding. It must be sent to the hospital in time, because this situation is relatively critical, and it may endanger the birth of the poodle if it is late Life. In addition, things that can be spit out can be observed. If there are white bubbles or something like that, it should be the stomach and stomach of Chai dogs, such as gastroenteritis and so on. In this case, vomiting can be treated with drugs, and some enteral or probiotics are better.

    Finally, it is necessary to observe whether the dog has loose stool blood after vomiting removal, which is a serious problem. If canine distemper and small possibility are not ruled out, it is necessary to see a doctor in time.

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