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    Alaska is a very handsome dog breed, but if Alaska has skin disease, it will often scratch, look, and some hair may fall off, then it will look ugly. What are some common dog skin diseases? What are the common skin diseases in Alaska?

    The most common is the occurrence of parasitic skin diseases, the most typical is caused by mites. Generally, crusts or a lot of dandruff will appear on Alaska’s skin. It is necessary to shave off the hair around the diseased area for treatment. There will be depilation and pruritus in places with mites, which are usually caused by the extremely humid environment. In the early stage, you can buy relevant drugs to rub on the diseased area, and then use them together with medicine bath.

    The other is pyoderma, which is usually caused by bacterial infection. It is mainly divided into two types, primary or secondary. If it is primary, it means that the Chai dog’s own resistance is not good, which causes the bacteria to enter into the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, leading to disease. In addition, if secondary, this is due to the destruction of the protective barrier of the skin, and then the emergence of pus caused by the disease. There will be herpes and other phenomena on the skin, which will lead to skin ulceration. If you want to go for treatment, you should first cut off all the hair in the affected area, then rub alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for disinfection, and finally take anti-inflammatory drugs.

    If the above methods are not improved in the process of treatment, or may be more and more serious, then the parents may still have a deviation in the judgment of the pet’s condition. At this time, do not treat the pet blindly, or send it to the pet hospital in time for professional doctors to treat.

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