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    There are great differences in the hair loss of dogs with electrostatic brush in different periods. The amount of hair loss in the season of changing hair is significantly higher than usual, and the place of hair loss will also be different. When we walk, we will shed the coat in the house, and when we hold them, we will also stick to the coat they shed. So the treatment methods are different in different situations. We can also use different tools to clean the dog’s coat according to different application situations.
    1. Electrostatic brush: This kind of brush uses the principle of static electricity to stick down fine hairs and fibers. When using the brush, there is a direction. You can feel with your hand that the hair on the surface of the brush is in the same direction and in the opposite direction. When you brush the clothes in the opposite direction, the hair on the surface of the clothes will be stained on the brush by static electricity. Then you can use your hand to remove the hair on the surface of the brush. This kind of brush has a good effect on the soft long hair, just like for the short hard hair, because the hair tied in the clothes can’t be absorbed by static electricity. The biggest advantage of this kind of brush is that it is very economical and can be used all the time. You only need to clean the surface of the brush and it can be used as a new one. There is also a button under the brush. Press it to rotate the brush surface, so that you can use it easily whether you are left-handed or right-handed.
    2. Sticky hair removal roller: The top of this kind of hair removal roller is a layer of sticky jelly like rubber, which can stick the hair on the roller when rolling. When the hair is sticky to a certain extent, it can be washed with detergent or soapy water and then it can be used again. However, with the increase of using time, the viscosity will slowly, not for life Products used. But compared with tape, it is still economical. It can be used for fine soft long hair and short hard hair, especially when the viscosity is good after washing, it is very good for fine soft long hair, and the effect is general for short hard hair. Wide tape is also a simple and practical tool for hair removal.
    3. Sticky tape roller: This is very common. In supermarkets, there are various types of wide tape, and there are also corresponding replacement tapes for sale. This kind of roller has a good effect on fine and short bristles. Because each piece of adhesive paper is disposable, it is very sticky, and it can also stick out the hair stuck in the clothes. The disadvantage is that you have to replace it when you run out, which is not so economical.
    4. Vacuum cleaner: There are many places where vacuum cleaner can be used. It is usually used for cleaning dog hair in a large range. For example, the dog hair on the floor and sofa can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner, and even the dog hair on the clothes can be treated with it.
    5. Wide tape: The wide tape can be used to stick the hair on the clothes just like the adhesive tape roll, but there is also a good use, that is, to stick the hair on the dog directly with the tape, which is mainly for the short hair and the bristle dog. Because the hair of a long haired dog is intertwined with other hairs and can only be dropped through combing, but the hair of a short haired dog is different from that of a bristly dog. Their hair is straight and smooth, and they can fall everywhere. We can press them directly with wide tape to get rid of the shed hair. If you touch it every day, you can save a lot of trouble of touching the hair on your clothes. It is also convenient to use wide tape to deal with the dog hair on the body. As long as the dog hair is not too deep, it can generally be removed.

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