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    Dogs can understand each other’s information through smell. Although we don’t know whether dogs have their own language, we can be sure that dogs have many different ways to communicate with each other. They will express their message to other dogs in different ways.
    1. Use smell to send messages. Dogs will use smell to mark their territory or use area. Odor can show the health, social status, hormone status and so on. Dogs can smell fear reactions from other animals. A dog in fear releases a pheromone chemical to warn other animals of “danger.”. This may explain why some dogs who have never been injured in an animal hospital are afraid of the hospital.
    2. Visual signal. When dogs enter each other’s sight range, visual signal will replace odor signal. When two strange dogs meet under the guidance of no one, they will spend some time to know each other. At first, the dog will stand straight, then slowly and carefully approach each other, often taking indirect circles to approach each other. Smell each other when you are close. First smell the head and face, then the genital part with the strongest smell. Then they may walk away and end the communication. Some dogs will try the game. They will lift their forepaws in the air and wave them. Their forebodies will bow down or they will invite another dog to play with their barks. The fighting in the game seems to be barbaric, but it is all carried out according to their social norms clearly, and there is little obvious desire to dominate if they don’t bite heavily.
    3. Body language. In a quiet and relaxed situation, the dog’s body posture is relaxed, the facial expression is peaceful, the ears stay in the normal position, the tail is drooping, the body does not arch or lift, the eyes are slightly closed, the lips and neck muscles are relaxed. When the dog is confident and wants to show the other dog his authority and superiority, the body is slightly arched up and ready to take action. When two dogs meet, they sometimes use body posture to show their superiority or obedience. Sometimes a dog puts its front paw on the back of another dog or tries to ride another dog. Only in rare cases will a dog press its head against the back or neck of another dog to show its dominant advantage. Most of the time it’s easy for dogs to identify differences and stop communicating or playing games or break up peacefully. In fact, dogs fight mostly because of their owners’ involvement, interference or termination of communication behaviors that are familiar to dogs. The owner’s intervention will make them misunderstood and feel confused, so even if the dog’s behavior is to be intervened, it should be done in a way that they can understand.
    4. Using the tail to convey language will show the dog’s emotions and intentions. Raising a dog’s tail is a sign of confidence, excitement or strength. Wagging the tail indicates joy and excitement. Raising the tail upright and shaking it slightly and frequently indicates that the dog is showing strength.
    5. Using voice to communicate. Dog’s voice has a wide range of expression, such as baby cry, warning low roar, high pitched barking, noticeable barking, howling, painful low moaning, screaming and happy moaning, etc. Generally speaking, a high pitch or volume indicates frustration or excitement. Barking doesn’t necessarily indicate aggression, sometimes it’s a sign of friendliness. Growl is offensive in adult dogs. Some dogs like to play “growl”, but their attitude is clear. Some dogs can play in “growl”. To judge whether the dog is aggressive or not, it is necessary to observe the dog’s action when hearing the low roar, and whether to lower the center of gravity to make the attack action.

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