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    The fast feeding speed of dogs is related to their habits. The ancestors of dogs live in the wild all year round. Although they mainly eat meat, they can’t always catch prey, so they also eat some vegetarians. Therefore, dogs belong to the omnivorous animals that prefer meat. Because dogs eat faster in order to survive, they usually swallow it and wait for it to digest slowly, so generally speaking, dogs’ digestive function is not poor. But for the sake of the dog’s health, we should cater to the digestive characteristics of the dog when feeding. Animal taxonomy belongs to Carnivora.
    The dog’s ancestors mainly preyed on small animals and occasionally used tubers to satisfy their hunger. After being trained and raised by human beings, the diet of dogs has changed, and dogs have become omnivorous animals that mainly eat meat. However, vegetarianism can also maintain life. But even so, they still maintain the digestion characteristic of mainly eating meat. For example, the dog’s teeth have a pair of sharp canine teeth at the top and bottom, which reflects that the predators are good at biting prey. The dog’s molars are also sharp and strong, which can cut off food. When biting bones, the pressure between the upper and lower teeth can reach 165 kg, but they are not good at chewing. Therefore, dogs are really “gobbling up” when they eat, and seldom chew. Of course, this is also related to their previous living habits.
    Since dogs are social animals, there are bound to be many companions sharing food after hunting. If they eat slowly, they are likely to starve, so in order to speed up their eating speed, they will swallow the food without much chewing. There are abundant striated muscles on the esophageal wall of dogs, and the vomiting center is developed. Therefore, when they eat poisonous things, they will vomit strongly and expel the poisonous things swallowed in their stomach, which is a unique defense skill. The dog’s salivary gland is developed, which can secrete a large amount of saliva, moisten the mouth and feed, and facilitate chewing and swallowing. Saliva also contains lysozyme, which has bactericidal effect.
    The best way to feed dog vegetables is to cut them into pieces in the hot season. It depends on the evaporation and heat dissipation of water in saliva to regulate the body temperature. Therefore, in summer, we can often see that dogs open their big mouths and extend their long tongues in place of sweating. The content of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is 0.4-0.6%, which is the first in domestic animals. Hydrochloric acid can make the protein expand and denature, which is easy to decompose and digest. Therefore, the dog has a strong ability to digest protein, which is the basis of its meat eating habits. Dogs can empty all the food in their stomach within 5-7 hours after eating, which is much faster than other herbivores or omnivores. The intestine of dogs is shorter, generally only 3-4 times of body length, while that of horses and rabbits with single stomach is 12 times of body length. The dog has a thick intestinal wall and strong absorption capacity, which are typical meat eating characteristics. The liver of dog is bigger, which is about 3% of body weight. The bile secreted is good for fat absorption.
    The defecation center of dogs is underdeveloped, so they can’t defecate in the walking state like other domestic animals. Dogs can digest and absorb protein and fat very well, but because of insufficient chewing and short intestine, they do not have fermentation ability, so the digestion ability of crude fiber is relatively poor. Therefore, when we usually feed the dog vegetables, we’d better try our best to cut them up and cook them. It’s not suitable to feed them in whole piece or in whole tree, which is not conducive to the absorption of the dog.

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