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    There may be some health and safety hazards in the process of re feeding, maybe it’s because it’s easy, or it’s to supplement some energy for the dog. Some owners have the habit of feeding the dog while walking the dog. Although there is no big mistake in this kind of behavior, it will bring some hidden dangers to the dog’s health and safety more or less. If you need to feed, you can replace it with some snacks and feed in proper amount. Some owners may think the dog will be hungry when walking, so they will feed when walking the dog. However, dogs may encounter the following situations when they go out to eat:

    1. Conflict with other animals due to food protection. Although most owners usually choose a quiet place to feed their dogs, we are not sure whether other domestic dogs or stray dogs will appear suddenly when they are feeding, and some dogs will come when they smell it Maybe.
    2. When the dog sees other dogs approaching when eating, it will definitely be on guard and even show hostility. If other dogs insist on approaching, it is likely to cause a fight. When eating at home, dogs will not be disturbed by the outside world. But it’s different outside. Strangers talking, cars honking and other dogs barking may disturb dogs’ eating and make them uneasy.
    3. It’s easy to cause discomfort when walking after eating. They will not be quiet for a while just after eating. So play or play, run or run. It’s not good for your dog’s stomach to do strenuous activities just after eating. Some dogs even have vomiting and other related problems because of this, so it is necessary to prevent dogs from exercising violently. In this way, the dog’s amount of exercise can not be satisfied.
    4. The sanitary conditions when eating are relatively poor. Most families will clean up frequently. After keeping dogs and dogs, in order to prevent excessive hair on the floor, they will clean up regularly, so the sanitary conditions at home are generally not too bad. So when eating, even if the dog food falls on the floor, the dog will continue to eat it will not have much impact. But the most outside is the cement ground, which is bound to have a lot of dust and other foreign matters. If the dog eats the dog food that falls on the ground, it will also bring a lot of dirt, which is not good for the dog’s health.
    5. Eating out often, and the place of eating is not fixed, which has an impact on their eating habits. This kind of practice is easy to disrupt the previous eating habits, and because of the weather, we can’t take the dog out every day. Once the dog has developed the habit of eating out, it’s not a good thing for the owner, and it may bring a lot of unnecessary The trouble. For the dog’s eating habits, we still need to have a certain control, try to do fixed-point timing. And eating at home can make dogs feel more secure, and relatively speaking, the degree of indoor sanitation is certainly better than that outside the room. Dogs don’t have to worry about interference from outside, so try to avoid feeding while walking.

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